Sage Bamboo - Cutting board with containers - The tidy way for meal prep - Adjustable Mandolin system with graters - A smart solution for your Kitchen - Removable top deck for easy cleaning



  • MEAL PREP HAS NEVER BEEN THIS EASY – Preparing meals can be really time consuming unless you have the right tools. Upgrade your lifestyle with our removable top bamboo cutting board and mandolin system, your first step for a quick and easy way to cook.
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES FOR VERSATILITY – Whether you are a righty or a lefty, enjoy our cutting board versatility just by using the top deck the way you want: on its base, as a stand alone or as a tray to serve your favorite foods. No more holding boards when grating. Experience our ergonomically designed bamboo mandoline and enjoy one-handed grating.
  • KEEP YOUR KITCHEN TIDY AND SAVE DISHES – Staying organized is a key for saving space, and you would be surprised to see how much can be achieved by using our cutting board station. We designed it so everything is storable within the base and it can be assembled in seconds and ready to use. No need for extra dishes or containers for your preps or food scraps.
  • REMOVABLE TOP FOR EASY CLEANING – You will be pleased to know that the top board and mandoline support are removable which makes them very handy and easy to clean.